Terms of use

Rules and conditions of website submission to WOLDIR Adult Web Directory

Following these simple rules will surely help your website get into the selected category as soon as possible.

Every website your submit is manually checked first, so please follow these conditions:

1. We DO NOT accept unfinished or under construction websites;

2. We DO NOT allow websites with excesive advertising banners or links (such as too many Google Adsense advertising);

3. We DO NOT allow subdomains (only the main domain is allowed, eg: https://www.robcams.com , not http://sexycams.robcams.com );

4. We DO NOT allow websites that include in their codes Viruses or Trojans, or any similar advertising codes (popups, pop-unders, etc);

5. We DO NOT allow websites that provide illegal or ofensive products or services (drugs, etc);

6. We DO NOT accept websites that forward to other domains or links except the www/non-www/SSL redirection. 

7. Spamming is NOT ACCEPTED (any spam bots and websites will permanently be BANNED from accessing WOLDIR.com);

8. Double URL submission is NOT ALLOWED (a single domain/link is accepted in the whole directory);

9. In case of URL change, please email us at admin@woldir.com so we can update your submission from the old url to the new url.

10. In case your website profile changed, please let us know by email so we can change the category.

11. Every week, our automated system checks the availability of all websites submited to WOLDIR.com. In case one or more URL's are not accesible 2 days in a row, the website(s) will automaticaly be deleted from our directory.

We wish you all the best of luck and hope to see you really soon included in the WOLDIR.com adult web directory.